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Mr. Doyle s route for the ensuing week: Sunday, June 15th, Oldham ; Monday, 10th, Todmorden; Tuesday, 17th, Hebden Bridge; and Wednesday, 18th, Mosley. Mr. Doyle begs to inform his Chartist friends of North and South Lancashire, that the Board of Directors of the Chartist Cooperative Land Society have appointed him agent for the same, and that he is now prepared with the cards and rules of the society, and will be happy to furnish any locality with them. Ail communications for him must, for the present, be addressed to No. 10, Back Greek-street, Greek-street, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, Manchester. Any locality desirous of having Mr. Doyle s sendees "will please to write as early as possible, as he is anxious to give even information in his power on the objects for which the society was formed. lie has with him cards and hand-books of the National Charter Association.